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Dawnia Willis, Pharmacist

Thanks for shopping with Louisiana Hemp Extractors (LHE)!

     I am the pharmacist and owner of Acadiana Pharmacy in Opelousas, La.  I am a native of Opelousas and graduate of Opelousas Catholic High School.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Wayland Baptist University while serving as an active duty member in the United States Airforce.  After 7 years of military service, I earned my Doctorate in Pharmacy from Texas Southern University.  I have worked in several pharmacy settings to include hospital,  retail and long term care.  

     I have recently returned to my hometown to fulfill a dream of giving back to my community.  My staff and I operate with the goal of providing quality care and customer service.  I make it a point to know my clients personally resulting in addressing their individual needs.  My establishment is a hub for comprehensive health and wellness services with a focus not just on the treatment of disease and illness, but also on prevention through nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness promotion.  

See Below for help in selecting a product.

Please checkout the products below and feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. – (337)-942-1400

Check out the products we offer below!

Our Pure Formula and Gold Formula Products Will Not Get You High:

     Our Pure Formula and Gold Formula products contain less than .3% of THC by weight, the legal limit of THC that can be included in a product.  Many people believe that using a full spectrum product has the additional benefits of what is called the “Entourage Effect”, where all of the plants cannabinoids are present and work together to help your endocannabinoid system within your body function more effectively.

Choose Between Tinctures or Topicals:

     Tinctures are CBD or CBG products blended with a carrier oil that are taken orally, held under the tongue a few seconds then ingested.  Our manufacturing facility is approved and regularly inspected by the Louisiana Department of Health.

     Topicals are blended with butters or lotions and are applied externally to the skin.  Some of our topicals contain other natural oils that increase the effectiveness of the products.

Choose between CBD, CBG, or a blend of CBD and CBG:

     Most people are familiar with CBD and are just hearing about CBG and other cannabinoids.  CBG is similar to CBD and is believed to offer additional health benefits.  Studies evaluating the health benefits of CBG are being conducted across the US and initial indications suggest that CBG may be more effective in helping people improve their health than CBD.

Choose between our Gold or Pure Formula:

  • Our Pure Formula blends hemp seed oil with CBD or CBG and has an earthy taste. Hemp seed oil has been recommended by natural health proponents for years to support the body’s natural healing systems.

  • Our Gold Formula is blended with MCT oil and people sometimes prefer the milder taste. MCT comes from coconut oil and is believed to increase the absorption rate of CBD or CBG into the bloodstream.

Select a Concentration Level:

            You can choose 750mg, 1500mg, or 3000mg bottles which tells you how many millgrams of CBD or CBG are in our products.  If you’re taking 25mg per day, the 750mg formula should last about a month, the 1500mg two months, and the 3000mg four months. 


            For people taking daily doses of our products, the 3000mg bottle may be the most economical choice.  For spot or random use, you might want to select the 750mg bottle.

Buy Hemp Extractors' Products from Dawnia!

Hemp Extractors has a multitude of products, these are broken down into 3 main categories:

Gold Formula, Pure Formula, and Topicals.

Gold Formula

Gold Formula uses MCT oil as the base for the tinctures. This formula is great for individuals that are sensitive to tastes.





Pure Formula

Pure Formula uses Hemp Seed Oil as the base for the tinctures. This formula is great for individuals that want the most benefits from their tincture. Hemp Seed Oil contains necessary Omega Fatty Acids to keep your Endocannabinoid System in full operating condition. This product has an earthy taste with hints of nutty flavors.


Topicals are made with a blend of butters, waxes and essential oils. These products range from a Muscle & Joint Cream to a Calming Daily Moisturizer all infused with a blend of CBD & CBG.




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